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Reset Coin

Updated: Feb 29

The Reset Coin tool is a useful component designed for users managing their Splitcoin NFC tags. It will probably be the least used tool in your Splitcoin toolkit, but we wanted to provide it anyways. This feature is designed to erase all data stored on a Splitcoin by clearing the NFC tag of its contents. However, its functionality is bound by certain restrictions to ensure the integrity and security of your coin set.

Functionality Overview

Upon execution, the Reset Coin tool initiates an NFC clear function. Users are prompted to scan the Splitcoin they wish to reset. This action triggers the app to erase all data records on the NFC tag. It's important to note that once this process is completed, the cleared data cannot be recovered, rendering the Splitcoin a blank slate.

Intended Use and Limitations

The primary application of this tool is to provide users with the option to repurpose Splitcoins initially used for other objectives outside their current coin set. Additionally, some users may want to erase the data on the coins before using them, bringing them peace of mind when it comes to security. This functionality underscores Splitcoin's commitment to user autonomy and flexibility in managing their security assets. The tool's capability cannot compromise of a user's coin set.

Coins that have been integrated into a coin set and subsequently locked by the Create Vault process become read-only. This safety measure ensures that once a coin is dedicated to securing a seed phrase, its data integrity is safeguarded against unintentional erasure.

Attempting to reset a locked coin will result in the tool's failure to clear data, thus preserving the coin's role in the user's coin set.

In simple terms — You cannot reset a coin after you have used it.

Why This Matters

The Reset Coin tool exemplifies Splitcoin's approach to providing robust, user-centric security tools while embedding fail-safes that protect against potential misuse. By allowing only the erasure of data from coins not locked into a coin set, Splitcoin maintains the balance between flexibility for the user and protection against destructive functionality.

This tool, although seldom needed due to the locking mechanism that secures a coin set, stands ready as a feature for those who seek to repurpose their Splitcoins for different applications or simply wish to start anew with a fresh coin.

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