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Export To Codebook

Updated: Mar 11

The Export To Codebook tool is a useful component designed for users who prioritize independence from the application while ensuring the security of their seed phrase. This tool facilitates the exportation of a user’s coin set to a Splitcoin Codebook, formatted as a PDF. The primary advantage of exporting the codebook as a PDF is the elimination of reliance on the Splitcoin app for decrypting seed phrases, thus enhancing the user’s control over their cryptocurrency.

Functionality Overview

  • PDF Export: Converts your coin set into a Splitcoin Codebook stored as a PDF. This allows for an enduring backup of your codebook (needed to decrypt your encrypted seed phrase) that is not contingent on the Splitcoin application.

  • Self-Custody: Aligns with the principle of self-custody by providing a permanent and independent method for seed phrase decryption. This autonomy ensures users can manage their cryptographic assets without the application.

  • Navigation Efficiency: The PDF includes bookmarks for each of the 24 words (with 2048 code/word pairs each), facilitating quick navigation to the necessary section of the codebook.

  • PDF 2.0 Compatibility: The generated PDF must be opened with a PDF 2.0 compatible application such as Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Security Considerations

  • Encryption Option: Users have the option to encrypt the PDF within the Splitcoin app. However, it's crucial to recognize the security limitations associated with PDF encryption, particularly vulnerabilities that could be exploited by adept attackers.

  • Storage Recommendations: Given the vulnerabilities of PDF 2.0 encryption, it is advised not to store the encrypted PDF online. For optimal security, the codebook should be printed or saved on an offline storage device, such as a flash drive.

  • Use Bookmarks: The generated PDF comes with bookmarks for each word, intended to streamline the codebook searching process. It makes it very effective. Although it may be faster to simply use the Search function to search the document for your word or code — You should follow best practices by not doing this! Splitcoin was designed for visual searching so that you never have to type any of your seed words or codes into our application, or in this case, your generated PDF.

Why Is This Tool Essential?

The Export To Codebook tool is indispensable for users dedicated to maintaining sovereignty over their seed phrases storage strategy. By facilitating the transition of a codebook backup from a securely distributed key to a non-dependent, easily accessible PDF format, this tool strengthens the user’s ability to sovereignly manage their codebook access. The option to encrypt the PDF, coupled with strategic storage recommendations, underscores Splitcoin's commitment to user autonomy while acknowledging the importance of informed security practices. Through this feature, Splitcoin users are equipped with a robust mechanism for seed phrase recovery that respects the ethos of self-custody.

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