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Convert To Numbers

Updated: Mar 11

The Convert To Numbers tool is a useful component designed for users who have previously transformed their encrypted seed phrase into a mnemonic word list and now wish to revert this list back to its original numeric format. This reversion is essential for the decryption process, particularly when initiating the Open Vault process in the Splitcoin app.

Functionality Overview

  • Numeric Conversion: This tool enables the conversion of a mnemonic word list back into a series of numeric codes, where each word is mapped to a corresponding number between 1 and 2048. This process restores the encrypted seed phrase to its original numeric state.

  • Process Instructions: Users initiate the conversion by visually locating the appropriate list based on the first letter of the first word in their mnemonic phrase. Upon starting the tool, the lists will automatically scroll, allowing users to identify and record the numeric code associated with each word. This process is repeated for each word in the mnemonic list until completion.

  • Essential for Decryption: Converting the mnemonic word list back to numeric codes is a prerequisite for decrypting the encrypted seed phrase using the Open Vault process. The tool ensures that users who opted for word-based storage can smoothly transition back to the numeric format required for decryption.

  • Versatility in Storage Options: This tool provides flexibility for users in choosing their preferred method of storing encrypted seed phrases. Whether opting for word-based storage solutions or numeric-based ones, users can easily transition between formats as per their needs.

Why Is This Tool Essential?

The Convert To Numbers tool is indispensable for maintaining operational flexibility within the Splitcoin platform, especially for users who transition between different storage mediums. It underscores Splitcoin's commitment to user autonomy by facilitating a seamless process for preparing encrypted seed phrases for decryption, regardless of the initial format chosen for storage. Through this feature, Splitcoin enhances the adaptability and security of managing cryptographic assets, reinforcing the platform's dedication to user-centric cryptographic security practices.

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