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Convert To Words

Updated: Mar 11

The Convert To Words tool is a useful component designed for users who prefer or require their encrypted seed phrases to be stored in a format other than numeric codes. By default, Splitcoin stores an encrypted seed phrase as a list of numbers, each ranging from 1 to 2048. This tool offers the functionality to transform these numeric codes into corresponding seed words, rendering the encrypted seed phrase into a format that resembles a traditional seed phrase.

Functionality Overview

  • Word Conversion: Transforms numeric codes from the encrypted seed phrase into traditional seed words. This conversion process enhances compatibility with various storage mediums and makes the encrypted seed phrase more interpretable for human users. Your encrypted seed phrase can look like a standard seed phrase.

  • Storage Medium Compatibility: Facilitates the storage of the encrypted seed phrase on platforms that require the seed phrase to be in word format, such as Billfodl. Additionally, it retains the option for users to store their seed phrases in numeric form on devices like the Splitcoin Magnet Vault, Hodlr One, or Cryptotag.

  • Simple User Interface: Provides an intuitive mechanism where users can initiate the conversion by visually tracking the appropriate list based on the range of their first numeric code. The app then autoscrolls through the list, allowing users to identify and note down the corresponding word for each code, simplifying the conversion process without ever sharing the code with the Splitcoin app.

Why Is This Tool Essential?

The Convert To Words tool is pivotal for users who need to adapt their encrypted seed phrases for storage on mediums that necessitate a word-based format. It offers the flexibility to choose between numeric or word formats for encrypted seed phrase storage, accommodating personal preferences and the requirements of various storage solutions. By enabling the encrypted seed phrase to be stored as a list of words, this tool broadens the options for secure and accessible backup, ensuring that users have the freedom to select the storage method that best aligns with their security and usability needs.

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