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Import From QR Codes

Updated: Feb 29

The Import From QR Codes tool is a useful component designed to provide users with an efficient way to transition their coin sets between various formats. This tool allows for the seamless importation of a coin set that has been stored as Splitcoin QR codes, ensuring a robust alternative backup solution for your cryptographic assets.

The Process

  1. Scan QR Codes: Initiate the tool and start scanning all QR codes related to your coin set. Each QR code represents a distinct coin, holding unique data necessary for the coin's verification and functionality within the Splitcoin ecosystem.

  2. Scan NFC Tags: After QR code scanning, you'll be prompted to scan Splitcoin NFC tags equivalent to the number of QR codes processed. This step effectively maps the digital data from QR codes onto physical Splitcoin NFC tags, rejuvenating them with the information needed for operational integrity within your coin set.

Core Functionalities

  1. QR to NFC Conversion: Converts QR code data back into Splitcoin NFC tags, enabling easy transition between digital and physical storage.

  2. Backup and Recovery: Facilitates secure backups and straightforward recovery of Splitcoin sets from QR codes.

  3. Security Verification: Ensures the authenticity and integrity of the data during the import process.

Why Do You Need This Tool?

The Import From QR Codes tool not only enhances the flexibility of managing your Splitcoin set but also fortifies your backup strategies. By enabling the conversion of digital QR code backups into physical NFC tags, it ensures that users can maintain multiple forms of backups, catering to different scenarios and preferences. Whether opting to store your backup digitally or preferring the tangibility of NFC tags, the "Import From QR Codes" tool adapts to your security needs, offering a streamlined approach to backup and recovery.

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