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Export To QR Codes

Updated: Mar 11

The Export To QR Codes tool is a useful component designed for users to transform their physical Splitcoin NFC tags into a digital format, specifically into secure and easily storable QR codes. This process not only broadens the user's ability to manage their coin sets across different platforms but also offers a reliable backup solution in a more accessible form that can be printed or stored digitally.

The Process

  1. Scan NFC Tags: Begin by scanning the Splitcoin NFC tags you wish to back up. Each tag corresponds to a unique coin within your set, containing specific data critical for the coin's use within the Splitcoin ecosystem.

  2. Generate QR Codes: Once all relevant NFC tags have been scanned, the tool processes the data and converts each tag's information into a distinct QR code. This conversion encapsulates the entire data of the NFC tag into a QR format.

  3. Export as PDF: The final step involves aggregating all generated QR codes into a single PDF document. This document serves as a digital backup of your NFC tags, ready for safe storage or printing for distinct physical backups. Your Splitcoin QR codes can be used with the Open Vault process as an alternative to using physical Splitcoins.

Core Functionalities

  1. NFC to QR Conversion: Facilitates the transition of data from physical NFC tags to digital QR codes, ensuring a versatile approach to data storage and backup.

  2. Secure Digital Backup: Offers a secure and efficient method for creating digital backups of your Splitcoin sets, enhancing the resilience of your cryptographic assets against loss or damage.

  3. Simplified Recovery Process: Simplifies the process of recovering your Splitcoin set from digital to physical form, ensuring that your assets remain accessible and functional across different storage strategies. As previously mentioned, your Splitcoin QR codes can be used with the Open Vault process as an alternative to using physical Splitcoins.

Why Do You Need This Tool?

The Export To QR Codes tool is pivotal for users seeking flexibility and security in managing their Splitcoin sets. It empowers you to create digital backups of your physical coins, providing an additional layer of security and convenience. Whether for the purpose of safeguarding against physical damage or ensuring that your coin set remains accessible in various formats, this tool offers a practical solution for maintaining the integrity and availability of your seed phrase.

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