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Authenticate Coins

Updated: Feb 29

The Authenticate Coins tool is a useful component designed to ensure the authenticity of your Splitcoin hardware. It utilizes NFC technology to verify each Splitcoin's unique ID. Every official Splitcoin is embedded with a unique ID, programmed by NXP—the trusted semiconductor manufacturer. Here's a closer look at how this tool makes security a top priority.

The Authentication Process

When you access your vault, the Authenticate Coins feature conducts a scan to confirm that the Splitcoin is genuine. This process is straightforward:

  • Online Verification: With an internet connection, the verification is automatic during the Open Vault process. As you attempt to open your vault, the tool checks the Splitcoin's ID against a secure online database.

  • Offline Preparation: If you plan to access your vault offline, you can pre-authenticate your coins while connected to the internet. This step ensures that, even without live connectivity, you can trust the legitimacy of your Splitcoin.

The Importance of Using Authentic Splitcoins

The Authenticate Coins feature isn't just about checking IDs; it's about protecting you from the dangers of counterfeit hardware. Using only authentic Splitcoins purchased directly from us ensures that:

  • You Avoid Malware: Third-party NFC tags could be tainted with malicious software designed to compromise your security.

  • You Maintain Security: Authentic Splitcoins are guaranteed to work seamlessly with the Splitcoin storage requirements, ensuring your vault's security remains intact.

  • You Support Integrity: By using authentic coins, you're upholding the integrity of your investments and the broader cryptocurrency community.

Why Do You Need This Tool?

Cryptocurrency security goes beyond strong passwords and encrypted connections. The physical elements of your security, such as Splitcoins, must also be scrutinized. Authenticate Coins acts as a gatekeeper, a necessary checkpoint to thwart the efforts of malware.

The Authenticate Coins tool provides the assurance that your physical security measures are genuine and reliable. Remember, the safest and most secure way to enjoy the benefits of Splitcoin is to ensure that you're using authentic coins, purchased directly from us, to maintain the integrity and safety of your seed phrase storage journey.

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