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The Patriot

Updated: Feb 26

Standing Firm with Splitcoin


In an era where digital footprints are more expansive than ever, a call to return to traditional, foundational methods of security resounds strongly among a select group of cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Among the myriad storage strategies for Splitcoin, the Patriot strategy emerges for those who deeply value independence, privacy, and a direct nod to the non-reliance on digital platforms. The Patriot is not just a method; it's a statement. A testament to unwavering belief in self-reliance, sovereignty, and an homage to times where things were simpler and more straightforward.

The Patriot Ethos

The hallmark of the Patriot strategy is the use of the exported PDF of the codebook, allowing users to operate entirely independent of the Splitcoin app. In a world teeming with apps for every conceivable purpose, this decision to detach from the app symbolizes a break from software dependency. Instead, it's a nod to the tangible, the physical, the concrete.

But why is this so essential for the Patriot? Well, apps, while immensely convenient, are a part of an ecosystem that's always evolving. By opting for a physical PDF, the Patriot brings peace of mind to users that may fear their codebook could fall victim to unforeseeable technical failures (even though we assure this will not happen). After you implement the Patriot strategy, you will never need to use the Splitcoin app again.

What Is Needed

Below is everything you will need to follow this storage strategy:

  • 1 pack of acrylic Splitcoins or Splitcoin Tags

  • 1 smartphone with the Splitcoin app

  • 1 piece of paper

  • 1 pen

  • 1 flash drive

The Backbone of the Patriot: Independence From the App

1. The Exported PDF: The hallmark of the Patriot strategy is the use of the exported PDF of the codebook, allowing users to be entirely independent of the Splitcoin app. By opting for a PDF, the Patriot makes your codebook independent and not reliant upon the Splitcoin app to be recovered.

2. The Declaration of Seed Phrase Independence: The second cornerstone of the Patriot strategy involves jotting down the encrypted seed phrase on good old-fashioned paper. While paper might seem archaic to some, its beauty lies in its simplicity. No batteries, no updates, no digital vulnerabilities. Just a tangible record that, if kept safe, stands the test of time. However, writing the seed phrase down on paper isn't just about security. It's symbolic. It's a ritual. It's much like scribing a "Declaration of Seed Phrase Independence".

Implementing the Patriot Strategy with Splitcoin

Getting Started

Prerequisite: Before you get started with implementing the Commoner Strategy, you should make sure you have read the blog post Getting Started with Storage. It covers the basics of storage schemes and a high level view of how Splitcoin works when it comes to storage.

Step 1: Run the Create Vault Process

If you made it this far, then you probably already completed this step! Now you should have a set of Splitcoins, a password, and a seed vault (your encrypted seed phrase) to manage. Follow the rest of these steps to implement The Patriot strategy.

Step 2: Store Your Splitcoin Codebook

  1. Initiate the 'Export To Codebook' feature within the Splitcoin app to generate your codebook from your Splitcoins. You should use a strong password to protect the PDF from bad actors. Optionally you can save it as an unprotected PDF later if you don't want it to have password protection.

  2. Store your encrypted PDF on a data storage medium of choice, such as a flash drive.

  3. Securely store your flash drive in an accessible yet safe location where it can be retrieved when needed.

Step 3: Store the Seed Vault (Encrypted Seed Phrase)

This is the vault for your digital assets. The Patriot strategy suggests writing down the encrypted seed phrase on good old-fashioned paper to create your "Declaration of Seed Phrase Independence". Place it in a location you can access in the future.

Step 4: Safekeeping the Password

As the digital John Hancock needed to authenticate ownership of your "Declaration", your password deserves special attention. The Patriot strategy suggests recording this on paper also. Hide it distinctively from your encrypted seed phrase, in a place that is secure and inaccessible from other people.

Optional: If you plan on keeping your seed vault hidden, you can write your password on the same piece of paper as your seed vault. The password does not allow someone to decrypt your encrypted seed phrase. Your codebook would be needed as well.

Step 5: Make a Backup

Having a backup is essential in the unfortunate situation that either your seed vault, flash drive, or password become inaccessible. At this point you already have a set of Splitcoins ready to be stored somewhere. Consider implementing a secondary strategy for your backup set.

Strengths of the Patriot Strategy

In the vast sea of digital solutions, the Patriot strategy is a beacon for those yearning for tangible security. It combines the best of both worlds: the advanced encryption and security protocols of Splitcoin with the tried-and-true methods of analog record-keeping.

1. Trust in Tangibility: There's something deeply reassuring about holding your security in your hands, knowing that it's not floating somewhere in the ether, vulnerable to the next software bug or hacker attack.

2. No Technical Failures: With the Patriot strategy, there's no worry about a single app or device being a potential point of compromise.

3. Time-Tested: Paper and physical records have been around for millennia. They're not susceptible to electronic failures, cyber-attacks, or technological obsolescence.

Navigating Potential Challenges

Every strategy has its challenges. For the Patriot, the most evident risk lies in the physical world. Fire, water damage, or simply misplacement are genuine concerns when dealing with paper-based storage. But a true Patriot is always prepared. By storing the PDF and the handwritten seed phrase in a fireproof and waterproof container or safe, these risks are drastically mitigated. Moreover, keeping them in a location known only to the user and perhaps a trusted confidant ensures security against theft.


The Patriot strategy is more than just a method of storing cryptocurrency keys. It's a philosophy and a lifestyle choice. It speaks to those who respect the past, are wary of placing all their trust in the digital, and believe in the power of the tangible. In adopting the Patriot, one doesn't just secure their assets; they make a powerful statement about autonomy, prudence, and the timeless value of the physical in a rapidly digitizing world. The call of the Patriot is clear: In an age of complexity, there's profound strength in simplicity. Stand firm, stand independent, stand Patriot.

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