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The Caveman

Updated: Mar 9

A Primal Strategy for Seed Phrase Security


In the fast-paced, technologically advanced world, there's a growing tribe of individuals who yearn for the simple, uncomplicated days of yore. The Caveman strategy is designed for such souls – those who desire the essence of cryptographic security without the entanglements of modern technology. It's a homage to the basics, an ode to our human roots.

The Caveman Ethos

The core of the Caveman strategy lies in stripping away the layers of digital complexity. It aims at harnessing the power of modern cryptography and presenting it in its rawest, most natural form: on paper. By printing the codebook, the Caveman brings peace of mind to users that may fear their codebook could fall victim to unforeseeable technical failures (even though we assure this will not happen). After you implement the Caveman strategy, you will never need to use the Splitcoin app again.

What Is Needed

Below is everything you will need to follow this storage strategy:

  • 1 pack of Splitcoin Tags

  • 1 smartphone with the Splitcoin app

  • 1 pen

  • 1 printer

  • lots of paper

Scrolls of Security

1. Exporting the Codebook: The journey begins with Splitcoin's "Export to Codebook" tool. This tool efficiently translates the digital complexity of Splitcoin into a codebook. A straightforward, paper-based representation of your codebook.

2. Committing to Paper: Post the export, this strategy mandates printing out the codebook. This act transforms the once-digital asset into a tangible, physical form, removing any reliance on electronic devices.

3. The Encrypted Seed Phrase: In sync with the strategy's ethos, the encrypted seed phrase is also penned down on paper. This act ensures that every element necessary for seed phrase recovery exists in a non-digital format.

Implementing the Caveman Strategy with Splitcoin

Getting Started

Prerequisite: Before you get started with implementing the Commoner Strategy, you should make sure you have read the blog post Getting Started with Storage. It covers the basics of storage schemes and a high level view of how Splitcoin works when it comes to storage.

Step 1: Run the Create Vault Process

If you made it this far, then you probably already completed this step! Now you should have a set of Splitcoins, a password, and a seed vault (your encrypted seed phrase) to manage. Follow the rest of these steps to implement The Caveman strategy.

Step 2: Print and Store Your Splitcoin Codebook

  1. Initiate the 'Export To Codebook' feature within the Splitcoin app to generate the codebook as a PDF from your Splitcoins.

  2. Print your codebook onto paper.

  3. Securely store your printed codebook in an accessible location, where it can be retrieved when needed. You can even consider storing different pages in different locations to manually split the codebook.

Step 3: Store the Seed Vault (Encrypted Seed Phrase)

This is the vault for your digital assets. The Caveman strategy suggests writing this on paper. Place it in a location you can access in the future.

Step 4: Destroy your Splitcoin Tags

Due to the no-tech nature of the Caveman strategy, it is time to destroy your Splitcoin tags. Thank them for their service for getting your codebook to the printing stage...then simply rip them in half one at a time. However, if you want to use them as your backup set, then skip this step.

Step 5: Make a Backup

Having a backup is essential in the unfortunate situation that something happens to your printed codebook. You can either print out another copy of your codebook or keep your Splitcoin Tags. Consider implementing a secondary strategy for your backup set.

Strengths of the Caveman Strategy

1. Simplicity: The Caveman strategy thrives on simplicity. Without the need for apps, NFC tags, or digital interfaces, it offers a purist's dream of cryptographic security.

2. Complete Independence: By eliminating the need for technology, this strategy ensures complete independence. Whether there's a power outage, a device malfunction, or any other tech-related hurdle, the Caveman strategy remains unaffected.

3. Security: The absence of digital interfaces means there's no avenue for digital attacks. No malware, no hacking threats, just good old paper that's immune to the modern digital predator.

4. No Password: The absence of a password means that there is no password to remember or keep track of. Ah, simplicity.

Navigating Potential Challenges

1. Physical Safety: While the strategy sidesteps digital risks, the physical safety of the codebook and encrypted seed phrase is paramount. Fire, water, or inadvertent loss pose potential threats.

2. Duplication: To mitigate physical risks, creating multiple copies stored in different locations might be a prudent approach. This ensures redundancy and safeguards against unforeseen mishaps.

3. Legibility: As time wears on, ink may fade, and paper may degrade. It's essential to periodically check the documents for clarity and possibly recreate them if wear is evident.

4. No Password: The absence of a password also introduces greater risk of theft. Your seed vault (encrypted seed phrase) and your codebook should be stored separately from each other. There is no password to protect you should a thief manage to acquire both of these items.


In essence, the Caveman strategy is a bold statement, a testament to the power of basics in a world entangled in technological webs. It's a beacon for those who, while appreciating the marvels of the digital age, also cherish the independence and purity of non-digital solutions.

This strategy is reminiscent of an era when transactions were recorded on ledgers, important documents were penned by hand, and security meant a sturdy lock and key. It brings back the tactile feel of security, where one can touch and feel their cryptographic assets, devoid of screens and electronic beeps.

But more than its methodology, the Caveman strategy symbolizes a philosophy. It's for those who believe that while the digital realm offers unparalleled convenience, there's an unmatched charm in the tangible, the physical, the real.

In adopting the Caveman strategy, one doesn't merely choose a method of cryptographic security; they embrace a way of life. A life where digital complexities take a backseat, and the raw, unfiltered essence of simplicity takes center stage. It's a reminder that even in the intricate dance of codes, ciphers, and algorithms, sometimes, the most profound solutions are also the simplest.

In the end, the Caveman strategy isn't merely about avoiding technology; it's about rediscovering the timeless charm of basics. It's a salute to the indomitable spirit of independence, standing tall, resilient, and proud in the ever-evolving digital age.

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