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The Librarian

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Crafting a Literary Labyrinth of Security


In the echoing silence of a library, amidst tales of heroics, romance, and mysteries, lies another story – a story of intricate security, carefully disguised in the pages of books. Enter the Librarian strategy, a masterful interplay of literature and Splitcoin's cutting-edge security, turning every bookshelf into a fortress of cryptographic camouflage.

The Values of a Librarian

The essence of a librarian isn't just about cataloging books. It's about curating knowledge, understanding the importance of each written word, and appreciating the power of disguise. In the vast world of literature, where stories weave realities and imaginations blur lines, the Librarian strategy values the art of concealment and the craft of deception.

What Is Needed

Below is everything you will need to follow this storage strategy:

  • 1 pack of Splitcoin Tags

  • 1 smartphone with the Splitcoin app

  • 1 pen

  • 4-10 books

Deciphering the Librarian Strategy

1. Books as Storage Locations - NFC Tag Stickers: In the realms of countless tales, the Splitcoin NFC tags find their abode. Tucked within the pages of various books, each NFC tag becomes a chapter in the grand narrative of security. From classics to contemporary novels, each book transforms into a sentinel, guarding the secrets within.

2. An Encrypted Tale - Seed Phrase: Where might one hide a secret within a world of stories? The Librarian strategy ingeniously scribbles the encrypted seed phrase within another book, making it appear as notes or perhaps an obscure passage. In a world where every word tells a tale, this encrypted story blends seamlessly, waiting to be read only by those who know its true significance.

3. The Library Puzzle: The genius of the Librarian strategy lies not just in hiding but in creating a pathway of discovery. Each book, with its NFC tag or the concealed seed phrase, becomes a piece of a grander puzzle. To decipher the cryptographic tale, one must navigate through the literary labyrinth, picking the right books on the shelves.

4. The Novel Password: The final book in the collection is one where the password is written inside of it. It can be uniquely recorded by circling chapter names, underlining page numbers, or using other inscriptions.

Implementing the Librarian Strategy with Splitcoin

Getting Started

Prerequisite: Before you get started with implementing the Commoner Strategy, you should make sure you have read the blog post Getting Started with Storage. It covers the basics of storage schemes and a high level view of how Splitcoin works when it comes to storage.

Step 1: Run the Create Vault Process

If you made it this far, then you probably already completed this step! Now you should have a set of Splitcoins, a password, and a seed vault (your encrypted seed phrase) to manage. Follow the rest of these steps to implement The Librarian strategy.

Step 2: Store Your Splitcoins

Utilize the NFC tag versions of the Splitcoins. Stick them inside different books. These could be placed on the inside cover of the book, at the start of a specific chapter or on a random page. These books should all be stored in different locations or hidden inside a massive library that would be difficult to search entirely. Some creative ideas include using a single series of books or book written by the same author. Get creative with the books that you choose.

Step 3: Store the Seed Vault (Encrypted Seed Phrase)

This is simply another book your collection. The Librarian strategy suggests writing this down inside a book of its own. Store this book in a similar fashion as your books containing the NFC tags.

Step 4: Safekeeping the Password

As the most important piece of the puzzle, your password deserves special attention. It can be uniquely recorded in its own book by circling chapter names, underlining page numbers, or using other inscriptions. You can store it in the same book as your encrypted seed phrase. Make sure that you will be able to read it in the future.

Step 5: Make a Backup

Having a backup is essential in the unfortunate situation that something happens to one or more of your coins. Create backup set using acrylic Splitcoins, Splitcoin Tags, or QR codes. You can mix and match them. Splitcoin Tools, which are found on the Home tab of the Splitcoin app, can be used to do this easily. Use the Copy Tool to make copies of your coins using NFC. Use the Export To QR tool if you would like to make QR versions of your coins, which can be printed. You can also use the Export Codebook To PDF tool to store your codebook as a single digital file or to print it out. Consider implementing a secondary strategy for your backup set.

Strengths and Intricacies of the Librarian Strategy

1. Masterful Camouflage: Amidst thousands of words, hiding a secret becomes art. The NFC tags and the encrypted seed phrase, concealed within the vast expanse of literature, offer unmatched disguise, making accidental discovery nearly impossible.

2. Layered Security: Beyond the physical concealment, the Librarian strategy crafts a cognitive challenge. Even if someone stumbles upon an NFC tag or the seed phrase, understanding its significance and navigating the library puzzle is a herculean task.

3. Static Yet Dynamic: While the bookshelf remains a constant, the books within can be rearranged, changed, or replaced, allowing for dynamic adaptations to the security setup, ensuring it never becomes predictable.

Potential Challenges and Considerations

1. Preserving the NFC Tag Integrity: Books are often accessed, read, or moved. Care must be taken to ensure that the NFC tags within remain undamaged and always in place.

2. Maintaining the Seed Phrase's Anonymity: The book containing the encrypted seed phrase must blend seamlessly with the others. It shouldn't stand out or give away its importance. Periodic checks can ensure it remains inconspicuous.

3. Memory: While the strategy thrives on disguise, the owner must remember the books involved. Choose books with special meaning or ones that you will always remember. Regular revisits to the strategy can help in refreshing the memory.


The Librarian strategy isn't just a security protocol; it's a testament to the power of stories and the strength of disguise. It tells a tale where every book becomes a guardian, every page a shield, and every word a sentinel. In the vast expanse of literature, this strategy crafts a niche, turning the act of reading into a journey of discovery and protection.

For those who find solace in the written word, the Librarian strategy offers a realm where their passion becomes their fortress. Where every tale they've cherished also becomes a protector of their digital treasures. It's a dance of deception, a play of concealment, and above all, a story of unparalleled security in the heart of literature.

In the end, as the pages turn and tales unfold, the Librarian strategy stands tall, proving that sometimes, the best place to hide a secret is amidst a thousand stories. It's a strategy for the bibliophiles, the seekers of knowledge, and those who believe that the pen, or in this case, the book, is mightier than the sword.

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