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The Blacksmith

Updated: Feb 27

Metal-Clad Digital Resilience with Splitcoin


In the vast realm of cryptocurrency, the Blacksmith strategy emerges as a beacon of resilience, bridging the divide between the tangible strength of metal and the versatility of digital storage. Rooted in the unwavering trust in the durability of metal and complemented by the flexibility of digital solutions, the Blacksmith strategy is a modern-day testament to fortified cryptocurrency storage.

The Blacksmith Ethos

In the key aspect of the Blacksmith strategy is using metal. Splitcoins are exported as QR codes and stored on metal flash drives. These drives, built for endurance, offer the best of both worlds. They combine the digital convenience of a flash drive with the strength of metal. This ensures that your crucial access tool, the QR code, remains safe from both digital corruptions and physical threats.

What Is Needed

Below is everything you will need to follow this storage strategy:

  • 1 pack of acrylic Splitcoins or Splitcoin Tags

  • 1 smartphone with the Splitcoin app

  • 1-2 metal plates

  • 1 metal etching pen

  • 2-8 metal flash drives

  • 2-8 fireproof containers

Securing the Forge

Unlike traditional flash drives, which can be fragile and prone to damage, metal flash drives provide an added layer of protection against physical wear and tear, ensuring longevity and reliability.

But the Blacksmith doesn't stop at the metal flash drive. To further fortify this strategy, these metal flash drives containing the Splitcoin QR codes are stored within fireproof containers. These containers, reminiscent of the safes used to guard our most prized possessions, act as the final bastion against external threats.

The seed vault, also known as the encrypted seed phrase, is etched into metal. The user password is also etched into metal.

Whether it's an accidental spill, an electrical surge, or even a fire outbreak, these fireproof containers and metal plates ensure that your seed phrase recovery tools remain unscathed, ready to serve their purpose whenever called upon.

Implementing the Blacksmith Strategy with Splitcoin

Getting Started

Prerequisite: Before you get started with implementing the Blacksmith strategy, you should make sure you have read the blog post Getting Started with Storage. It covers the basics of storage schemes and a high level view of how Splitcoin works when it comes to storage.

Step 1: Run the Create Vault Process

If you made it this far, then you probably already completed this step! Now you should have a set of Splitcoins, a password, and a seed vault (your encrypted seed phrase) to manage. Follow the rest of these steps to implement The Blacksmith strategy.

Step 2: Store Your Splitcoin QR Codes

  1. Initiate the 'Export To QR' feature within the Splitcoin app to generate QR codes from your Splitcoins.

  2. Methodically capture a screenshot of each individual QR code generated by the app.

  3. Distribute each QR code across several metal flash drives, ensuring each one is dedicated to a single QR code.

  4. Securely store these flash drives in fireproof containers. Store these containers in accessible yet safe locations that you have pre-selected, where they can be retrieved when needed.

Step 3: Store the Seed Vault (Encrypted Seed Phrase)

This is the vault for your digital assets. The Blacksmith strategy suggests etching this onto metal, which is durable and fireproof. Place it in a location you can access in the future.

Step 4: Safekeeping the Password

As the key to your coins, your password deserves special attention. The Blacksmith strategy suggests etching this onto metal. Hide it distinctively from your encrypted seed phrase, in a place that is secure and inaccessible from other people.

Optional: If you plan on keeping your seed vault hidden, you can store your password with your seed vault or even etch it onto the same metal plate. The password does not allow someone to decrypt your encrypted seed phrase. All of your Splitcoins would still be needed to do this.

Step 5: Make a Backup

Having a backup is essential in the unfortunate situation that something happens to one or more of your coins. At this point you already have a set of Splitcoins ready to be stored somewhere. Consider implementing a secondary strategy for your backup set.

Strengths of the Blacksmith Strategy

1. Double Fortification: By using metal flash drives and then housing them in fireproof containers, the Blacksmith strategy employs a dual-layered protection mechanism against both digital and physical threats.

2. Versatile Accessibility: The use of flash drives ensures easy access to your QR codes when needed, while their metal construction guarantees longevity.

3. Elemental Resistance: The combination of metal and fireproofing ensures protection against water, fire, electrical surges, and more.

4. Modern Meets Traditional: This strategy beautifully combines the age-old trust in metal with the contemporary convenience of digital storage, offering users a balanced and robust solution.

Navigating Potential Challenges

Every fortified castle has its potential weak points, and the Blacksmith strategy is no exception. The primary concern remains physical theft. If someone were to get hold of a metal flash drive, they could destroy access to your assets.

However, the Blacksmith is always prepared. By storing these metal-clad flash drives in concealed locations, hidden compartments, or even secured safes, one can mitigate the risk of unauthorized access. A backup set of Splitcoins would give an ironclad defense against theft of a one or more coins.


The Blacksmith strategy, inspired by Splitcoin's ethos, epitomizes the blend of tradition and innovation. It's a symbol of our commitment to safeguarding our digital assets, drawing from the age-old reliability of metal, and leveraging the benefits of modern technology.

By adopting the Blacksmith route, you're not just securing your cryptocurrency. You're making a statement of strength, resilience, and forward-thinking, ensuring that your digital legacy remains intact against the test of time and adversity. In the dynamic world of crypto, the Blacksmith stands tall, promising security forged in metal and technology.

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