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Product Description:


Seed phrase cold storage is more secure than ever! Scan your Splitcoins in the Splitcoin mobile app and it will show you how to encrypt your seed phrase by hand with your unique codebook. The app will never know your seed phrase or ask you for it.



Splitcoin 1st Edition - 8 Pack contains eight acrylic NFC tags designed for compatibility with the Splitcoin mobile app, available on both iOS and Android. These NFC tags are encased in a durable acrylic material and shine with a beautiful glossy finish. Splitcoin 1st Edition - 8 Pack also includes a complimentary magnetic seed vault, which can be used to record your encrypted seed phrase and password.

    Splitcoin 1st Edition - 8 Pack

    SKU: STC01008
    $149.99 Regular Price
    $129.99Sale Price
    • Please note that Splitcoin is not a virtual currency, cryptocurrency, or a financial product of any kind. Splitcoin and its associated products do not hold, store, or transmit any form of virtual currencies or cryptocurrency tokens. Splitcoin is an encryption tool that utilizes advanced cryptographic techniques to help users safely encrypt and store their seed phrases, providing an added layer of security for managing access to digital assets.

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