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The Risks of Traditional Encryption Software

Updated: Mar 6

Seed phrases, a series of 12 to 24 words, act as the foundational key to unlock your cryptocurrency wallets. Entrusting them to any encryption software requires a profound understanding of the associated risks. Common practices like encrypting seed phrases in text files or utilizing password managers like LastPass may appear secure at first glance but present certain vulnerabilities. Splitcoin, on the other hand, was designed specifically with seed phrase protection in mind and provides unique advantages.

Risks of Traditional Encryption Software:

  1. Keylogging and Clipboard Attacks: When you type your seed phrase into a text document, keylogging malware can capture your keystrokes. Similarly, if you copy-paste the seed phrase, it could be vulnerable to clipboard attacks. Cybercriminals are always on the lookout for high-value data.

  2. File Vulnerability: Even after encrypting the text file containing your seed phrase, the file resides on your computer. If malware infects your system, it can search for such encrypted files, flag them for hackers who can then attempt to decrypt them.

  3. Software Vulnerabilities: Conventional encryption software may have vulnerabilities that are yet unknown (Zero-Day Vulnerabilities). When discovered and exploited by attackers, these can compromise the security of your encrypted data.

  4. Human Errors: Using traditional software, it is often on the user to ensure security. Mistakes like using weak passwords for encryption or misconfiguring key derivation function settings can lead to vulnerabilities.

  5. Cloud Syncing Risks: If your encrypted file inadvertently gets synced to the cloud (like Google Drive or Dropbox), it's exposed to a new set of risks. A breach in those platforms or unauthorized access can compromise your file.

  6. Password Managers: While tools like LastPass are excellent for password management, they weren’t designed with the high-security demands of cryptocurrency in mind. They're targets for hackers, and breaches could lead to seed phrase exposure.

Splitcoin: A Safer Alternative

Splitcoin employs a distinct methodology tailored for the security of seed phrases. Let's explore its advantages and how it mitigates the risks mentioned:

  1. Dedicated Purpose: Unlike generic encryption software, Splitcoin is specifically designed for the task of safeguarding seed phrases. Its architecture, encryption methods, and user interface are all optimized for this singular purpose.

  2. Codebook Encryption: Instead of relying on digital encryption alone, Splitcoin leverages codebook encryption. This manual method involves users encrypting their seed phrase by hand, ensuring that the actual seed phrase never touches the digital realm in its entirety. This unique approach sidesteps keylogging and clipboard attacks.

  3. Physical and Digital Separation: By storing key shards separately, Splitcoin ensures that even if a malicious actor were to access one Splitcoin, it would be meaningless without the rest. This distribution reduces the "single point of failure" risk inherent in traditional methods.

  4. No Single Repository: With Splitcoin, there isn't a singular file or database containing your seed phrase. The app never even touches your seed phrase. This diffused storage approach protects against targeted file-based attacks.

  5. Eliminating Human Errors: Splitcoin's process is designed to be straightforward, minimizing the chance of user-induced vulnerabilities. By providing clear instructions and guiding users through the encryption process, it reduces potential errors.

  6. No Dependency on Third-Party Platforms: Splitcoin's model doesn't rely on cloud storage or third-party password managers, thus avoiding the risks associated with those platforms.

Risks Splitcoin is Not Subjected To:

  1. No Full Digital Record: Since Splitcoin uses manual encryption, the seed phrase is never digitized during encryption, eliminating the risk of digital theft.

  2. Avoids Software Vulnerabilities: The manual aspect of Splitcoin’s approach bypasses the risk of software vulnerabilities that could be exploited by attackers.

  3. Independence from Internet: The encryption process doesn't necessitate an internet connection, protecting against online-based attacks during the encryption phase.

While all digital systems bear some risk, Splitcoin's approach, tailored for seed phrase security, offers a compelling alternative to traditional encryption software. By incorporating manual encryption and dispersing the seed phrase's storage, it provides multiple layers of protection. As the crypto world continues to evolve, so do the threats, and it's crucial to adopt solutions designed specifically for the unique challenges posed by seed phrase security. Splitcoin steps up to this task, offering a robust solution in the face of evolving digital threats.

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